Goals of this site

The goal of this site is to create a repository for the submission and management of common (or vernacular) names of organisms and organism groups (higher taxa).

Specifically, we seek the capacity to facilitate input, output, and management of vernacular names records.


  • Enable providers (people) to create accounts for themselves. Anonymous providers may occur but would have limited capacities.
  • Enable providers to submit vernacular names records. Records may be provided in two ways. As a component of a vernacular names list, or as a single record.
  • Vernacular names lists can be submitted in two ways:
    • As an imported list where the provider imports the list into a set of vernacular name records or,
    • As an unparsed list, where a provider uploads a list and leaves it to the site maintainers to parse and import it into the site. Anonymous users will have the capacity to upload an unparsed list for review and inclusion.
  • A list may be managed in two ways:
    • A provider may choose to manage a record locally on the site.
    • A provider may choose to manage records externally and replace the records periodically with updates.


  • Add the means to output records according to several common or standardized formats (including Taxon Concept Schema).
  • Add the means to collate and filter output according to user needs.


Enable input country, region, and language attributes to be reconciled against controlled vocabularies. We are using ISO 693-3 langauage codes and ISO 3166-1 country codes (See Ethnologue codes).

The first step it to determine how much of this functionality can be implemented with built in Drupal tools. Missing functionality will have to be created as new modules.

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