Simple Indexer to GBIF taxon records

Ondrej Zichha sent me a list of Czech vernacular names today containing his taxonIDs within his site.  A URL can be constructed simply by prepending his web address to this number.  Part of the incentive to providing us with checklist data is that we can draw upon this information to push users his way by building explicit linkouts to him when a user views our taxon pages.

 GBIF needs to make it easy for people to link to our portal pages.  For taxa, we should make it really easy.  We need a tool that can take a list of taxon names, presumable exported from someones own database, and return the same list back cross-referenced to our indexes and linked to the appropriate taxon identifier.  It should be real easy with our web-services but lets not wait for someone else to write it.  Let's make it ourselves and offer it. 

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